Best Places to Spend Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, filled with joy and laughter, picture perfect scenes of everyone together having a merry old time. Right? well, uh, no…..not quite for all of us.

Alternatives to Spending Christmas with Family

For some of us, Christmas is the most dreaded time of year. We are trapped in small spaces with people we can’t stand. Yes, some of us simply can not tolerate our families. They push our buttons in ways no one else can.

We think “oh, maybe it will be different this year” but…it never is. Sometimes the first few hours, maybe even a whole day goes by without incident but then it starts.

Little niggles here and there, small arguments about what TV show to watch descend into almighty battles and the dredging up of old grudges and wounds still not healed.

It all sounds a bit dramatic, right? although if you are reading this then maybe not so much. There is a lot of guilt involved with families. We feel we are letting them down when we don’t show up to family occasions.

Where to Spend Christmas

Christmas seems to be that one day of the year where no excuse will do but maybe…just maybe it’s time to take a stand and say…not this year! I work hard all year with little time off and I don’t want to spend that time off with a bunch of people I don’t get on with.

OK, decision made, then what are some alternatives to spending Christmas with family? some non-traditional ways to enjoy the holidays?

Compare Christmas and New Year Holiday Options

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Best Places to Spend Christmas 1

Here is our list of 12 excellent Christmas vacation ideas.

Where to Spend Christmas alone

Where do you really want to spend Christmas? really REALLY? on the ocean? up a mountain? on safari? Skiing in the Alps? well, you are traveling solo so if budget permits…DO WHAT YOU WANT!

There are loads of options for the single vacationer. Countries such as India, Thailand, New Zealand, Iceland, Italy, Japan…places far and wide all over the world.

The variety of offers on here is jaw dropping so you will certainly have no problem finding a trip you like however narrowing it down to one will be a whole other matter. Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Australia…the possibilities are endless.

Where to Spend Christmas in Europe

Perhaps this sort of holiday has always been a dream for you. This one can of course work well for solo travelers or for those in a relationship.

Croatia, Austria, Spain. France, Greece, Ireland and countless other countries offer some fantastic routes and spellbinding views.

Sailing in Europe for Christmas

Have you thought about spending Christmas sailing in Europe? There are plenty of boat options to choose from varying in sizes and facilities.

OK, I hear you, it’s winter, why would I want to be out freezing my ass off on a boat? well, this can be as luxurious as you want it to be…”Charter a Yacht”…yep, that’s luxury right there.

This is a great trip idea for the extended family…obviously not the ones you are trying to get away from though. Greece, Croatia, Italy and Montenegro are all great options.

The yachts are skippered of course as I presume you probably can’t sail a yacht.

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Christmas Danube River Cruise

Yes, we are going out on the water again so wrap up warm.

This is a great almost traditional you might say way to spend Christmas. Start in Vienna and pass through Melk and Durnstein and then heading for Budapest and Bratislava.

If you have never been to Europe then this is an incredible way to discover some of it’s most historic cities. The catering onboard is outstanding while the cabins provide a great nights sleep.

Go Skiing for the Christmas Holidays

There are lots of options depending on where you live. If you are in the USA or Europe then generally you won’t have to travel too far to find some ski slopes.

If you have always wanted to visit Europe the you could consider the Alps and countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany and yes even Spain. There are great resorts to suit all skill levels and ages.

Curling up in a nice Swiss chateau with a loved one and a strong hot drink paints a very nice picture indeed.

There are various companies offering the full package deals but you can also book each part step by step if that’s your preference.

Visit Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria

The Christmas markets is this part of the world are something special. Through the cities and towns of Germany and Austria, you will find so many delightful markets to sample.

The majority follow the traditional route of mulled wine, sausage, potatoes and various extremely sweet and fattening treats however you will also find plenty of markets celebrating the culture of different countries such as Japan, Finland, Russia etc etc

Tourradar offer a 7 day holiday which will take you through cities such as Munich and Innsbruck. This is an excellent idea for a Christmas getaway and is suitable for everyone.

Sandals for Couples

OK, this works if you are in a relationship. Not really recommended for singles though not impossible…..romance is really the order of the day here.

There are 15 beach resorts to choose from in locations such as Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Jamaica and St.Lucia.

We are talking luxury here. Lush beaches to sip cocktails by. Beautiful weather that is not very Christmassy at all…but hey! are trying to get away from that…right?

These trips are more affordable than you might think so if it’s something you might be interested in then head on over there and get a quote.

Christmas in the Rockies

How about it? sleigh rides, waterfalls, glaciers and eh…wine. What’s not to like?

You start in Vancouver before visiting Banff and Lake Louise. It’s a really beautiful way to spend the Christmas season. A picture postcard Xmas in Canada suitable for all ages.

Spend Xmas in the Moroccan Desert

We are going from one extreme to the other here. I did say this article had something for everyone.

Visit Casablanca and Marrakesh and celebrate new years eve in the desert. Yes, this tour is certainly one you are unlikely to ever forget.

Luxury Villas in Asia

Lets see, Christmas day relaxing in a luxury villa in Asia by the beach or arguing with my father in law about politics? tough choice that one..

Elite Havens offer luxury villas in countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan. Maldives, Indonesia and Japan to name just a view.

Where to Spend Christmas in Japan

There are beach side villas as well as villas with in-house spa treatments where you can really pamper yourself after a hard year. Japan is always popular this time of year.

Book a Trip to Japan

There are options for lone travelers, romantic getaways etc. The food is incredible and the views are to die for. You can make a vacation here as action filled or as relaxed as you desire.

A Russian Christmas Holiday

It’s certainly traditional Christmas weather. If you are looking for culture, history and stunning architecture then this Russian Christmas vacation may be for you. See all Moscow and St.Petersburg have to offer.

Where to Spend Christmas in the UK

The Royal Family continues to draw visitors from all over the world to London. There is so much to see and do in London and what better time to see and do it than at Christmas.

Have an authentic London Christmas experience, see all the sights and fill your belly with delicious UK Christmas specialties.

Iceland Christmas Vacation

How could you say no? This tour takes you to 11 locations within Iceland. The amazing unique landscape of Iceland is sure to capture your imagination plus you can look forward to a warm welcome from the very friendly locals.

Book a Trip to Iceland

Starting and ending in Reykjavik, it’s sure to have you full of the joys of the Christmas season.

Best Places to go for Christmas

So, plenty there to chew on. Remember you don’t always have to do the same thing year after year at Christmas. If you can breakaway one year then perhaps it will be easier the following year and before you know it your Christmas tradition will be actually something entirely different.

Maybe you will even become a trailblazer within your family and everyone will be much happier having their own smaller gatherings. It just needed someone to make a break for it…or maybe not…but…but….maybe.

You work hard all year. There is a lot of stress in our daily lives and most of us are getting precious few vacation days per year.

It’s important to make the most of the holiday because before you know it, we are back to work again.