Good Alternative to Hootsuite

30 Day Free Trial then starts from $30 per month
Easy to integrate with different social media sites
RSS feed poster, content suggestion area, built-in content library and Canvas design
Scheduling content in bulk is a breeze
Ton of automation tools
Varied URL shortening options
Analytics has never been easier with so much data - Create instant and visually appealing reports
Different user permissions and team workflows for simultaneous use
Mobile apps available for both Android and iOS
15 Day Free Trial then starts from $50 per month
No limitation on the number of social networks you can use
Superb scheduling tools with lots of customization options
Excellent social inbox feature with all you need to see in one place
Good spam filters to ensure that you are only seeing the most important messages
Plenty of analytics options
URL shortening well covered
14 Day Free Trial then starts from $10 per month
Integrating various social media accounts is a piece of cake.
Good range of custom apps that you can link with the SocialPilot program and use to add branding
Multiple feed URL option is great for promoting posts automatically
Impressive scheduling capabilities
Team members can work on various projects simultaneously.
You can use a total of 200 social media profiles on one account and make 1000 updates per day.

Social media management and marketing software has taken on increased importance in the past few years as more individuals and companies have begun to see how vital it is to maintaining and building a brand.

Social media is no longer just a place where people are sharing their thoughts or watching funny videos. It is a place where companies are constantly attempting to try and engage with their target market.

Good Alternative to Hootsuite 1

That is the reason why it is so vital to ensure that social media accounts are managed in the right way. Social media management software offers all the necessary management tools and a lot more.

Programs are out there that will allow companies and individuals to manage all their social media accounts from one place. Instead of having to have five windows open for all your social media accounts, they can be managed through one interface.

This makes it much easier for companies or individuals to make posts, check out replies, respond to direct messages, and answer questions. It also ensures that all engagements are on message and happening in a timely fashion, which is crucial to making a positive impression on consumers.

Good Alternative to Hootsuite 2

It is also easier to time posts using such software. For instance, if your company has some posts ready for the whole week but you want to stagger them out, you can create a schedule on your program that will ensure those posts are being made at the right dates and times.

It is also possible to use the software to increase brand loyalty, because most studies have shown that people are more likely to be loyal to a brand if they are following it on social media. It is up to companies and individuals to use this power in the right way.


Good Alternative to Hootsuite 3

There are many different social media management companies out there but we have to be honest when we say that Hootsuite is the product that is most well-known and widely used out of them all. Hootsuite is what most people remember when they are asked about social media software. That does not mean it is the best, because Hootsuite has its own set of flaws however it does mean that it has the highest market share.

The reason why Hootsuite is so popular is because it offers all the basic elements that would be needed in this type of software. For instance, it is possible to manage profiles for multiple social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Google+ and Foursquare.

Imagine the promotional possibilities if for instance, you had just launched an ebook using a Publisher Rocket free alternative such as KDSPY.

This can be done from one interface, which makes things so much easier for companies or individuals who are managing their own online brand.

It is important to remember that companies are not the only ones who use such software. A writer or blogger would benefit greatly from social media management software as would social media influencers and YouTubers.

Other great features of Hootsuite include the scheduled updates, ability to collaborate on the program as a team, mobile apps, and the customized analytics options. Keep in mind however that does not mean that the software is free of problems and there are of course Hootsuite competitiors.

There are a number of cons to the program that do bother many top users. It is why they are now on the hunt for good alternatives to Hootsuite in 2020 that will offer them more features at a better price point.

Problems with Hootsuite:

Expensive Analytics

While the analytics options available through Hootsuite are fairly impressive, they are also very expensive. That is a problem for many users who may not have the funds to find them feasible to use. Users report that it can easily take $50 or $100 to get a basic analytics report that will give you some detailed information about how your posts are doing on various social networks.

URL Shortening Options

URL shortening is a vital part of using social media effectively. When a post is being made, it does not need to have a long link at the end of the text. In fact, having such long links can make a post look ugly which means less people will click on it. The issue with Hootsuite is that you can only use the Owl link shortening site and that can be quite restrictive for many users.

Facebook Images

There are also some reports that Facebook images are not handled properly when posts are made through Hootsuite. A lot of the time, there will be a link to the image, but there will not be any thumbnail or summary preview when there is a picture being uploaded, or one that is related to the link that is posted.

Some other frequent issues include the dashboard not loading, problems with the link preview as well as the app not loading.

Good Alternatives to Hootsuite


Good Alternative to Hootsuite 4

One of the most interesting Hootsuite alternatives that has emerged in the past few years is Sendible. There are several social media management programs out there, but it appears that Sendible has cornered the market on being considered the “Hootsuite alternative” and there is a good reason why.

While it offers many of the same features as Hootsuite, there are many areas where Sendible is superior. Many customers are starting to see that it may be the way forward for them, as they attempt to find the best solution for managing social media profiles. If you are considering software for this purpose, here is our guide to Sendible.

Sendible Pricing Categories

There are different categories available for Sendible users to choose from when they want to sign up for an account. There are the Micro, Lite, Advanced and Pro plans. These plans cost around $30, $50, $200 and $500 a month respectively. It works out overall as a cheaper alternative to Hootsuite.

Those who are scared away by those higher prices should not worry – they are for the higher tiers which are only needed for the more advanced or heavy users.

The micro package will allow for one user and 12 different social media services. The lite package is also for one user, but it allows for 20 services. The advanced and pro versions allow for 4 and 10 users, and 100 and 300 services respectively.

There is also a special White Label price point, which is targeting major companies and individuals who want a fully customized experience. The pricing is only available by personal contact.

It will depend on the special features the user wants, and what else they need within the package. Some of the features are a customized dashboard and API access.

A 30-day free trial is available for users who are interested in Sendible but may not be sure if they want to commit to a monthly price just yet.

It is possible to get a trial for any of the plans, with the commitment that you will pay for the first month if you are happy with the service. It is possible to cancel at any time, and there will be no cost when the trial is over.

Good Alternative to Hootsuite 5


  • One of the biggest advantages of Sendible is that it is very easy to integrate with different social media sites. Whether you are looking to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+, you will be able to use Sendible. Even blogs such as Medium, WordPress and are covered. This is useful for individuals who may be hoping to use social media to boost the coverage of the new blog or website they created to promote their personal brand.
  • There is an RSS feed poster, content suggestion area, built-in content library and a Canvas design too. These things make it very easy for you to create various social media posts, and keep up to date with the latest news that interests you.
  • Scheduling content in bulk is a breeze as you can use the CSV uploading feature. If you have a CSV file with all your links and titles, all you need to do is import that and you are good to go. You will not have to worry about adding each of these things manually to the schedule, which would take you a lot more time.
  • There are a ton of automation tools on the program that you can use which are especially useful if you are trying to boost engagement and your following on Twitter and Instagram. If you have started new accounts on these sites and you want to get your follower count up quickly, Sendible is the best program that you can use to manage those profiles.
  • URL shortening is no problem with this program. Whether you want to use the Owl URL shortening site or you want to use some other site, you will be able to integrate it with Sendible. That will ensure that you have your choice of URL shortener and that your links will look good when they are going up next to your posts.
  • Analytics has never been easier. You can access and use so much data for the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You will also be able to create instant and visually appealing reports based on these analytics. Instead of having to analyze or share the raw data, you can compile these reports to show how the social media strategy has been succeeding or failing.
  • When you are using the plan that includes more than one user, you can easily set up different user permissions and team workflows. This ensures that if you are using the bigger plans to manage a ton of accounts, you can have various members of your social media team working in harmony with each other.
  • There are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS. If you want to manage your profiles on a tablet or smartphone, you can do that with ease. The apps are native to the phones and they have an impressive set of features and visuals for ease of use


  • The lack of a free plan is a con for Sendible. While you do get the 30-day free trial, you may have wanted to use the base tier for a few months before deciding on a paid plan. However that is not an option, and even the most basic plan can get quite expensive for a single user.There is the option for geographic keyword monitoring on various sites, but the feature is not always accurate. Many users have reported they were having an issue with the software and how it worked.
  • The Micro and Lite tiers may not have enough account options for your liking. Only being able to use 12 and 20 services respectively may not be enough for a small business. If you want to use anywhere from 20 to 100 services, you have to get the Advanced plan that is $200. It is a lot more expensive than the $50 plan, and a tier in between these two would have been useful.
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Good Alternative to Hootsuite 6

Agorapulse is considered by some experts as the best alternative to Hootsuite. The great thing about a program such as Agorapulse is that it offers so many different price points.

It is one of the weaknesses that people notice in social media management software. There are only one or two price tiers with some software, but that is not the case here. There are four different plans to choose depending on what you want to do with Agorapulse.

The first package is $50 a month which is ideal for people who are using three social media profiles. It is best for a person who is looking to promote their individual brand; maybe a blogger or a YouTuber who wants to ensure they are using social media effectively. Only one team member can have a profile on the software.

The other packages are at $100, $200 and $300 per month. They allow for 10, 25 and 40 profiles, while they offer the opportunity for three, six and twelve team members respectively. These packages are quite expensive, but they are useful for bigger companies that want to use a variety of social media accounts to make an impact.

The top package, which sits at 40 accounts, is ideal for a company that may have different locations. Having a social media profile for each major location makes sense, as the customers who ask questions will differ a lot. Having a location-based account allows for more personalized assistance and posts.


  • The best reason to use Agorapulse is because you are getting a lot of options with respect to what accounts you can use. There is no limitation on the social networks that you can use. Whether you have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts, or Google+, you can use all of these with the program.
  • The scheduling tools are top of the line. There are very few programs that offer such customization on scheduling as Agorapulse. For instance, you can use the program to set a specific date, time and repetition for posts. If you have a type of post that you want to make one time a week, you can set that within the program. You can have an identical post scheduled for two times a week, too.
  • The social inbox feature is excellent. Whether you are using the desktop or mobile app, all the comments, messages and mentions that are filtering into your various accounts are shown in one place. You have one stream of activity that you can use to check the messages and respond to them.
  • It allows for a timely response to all queries, and there will be no accusations of one site being preferred over another. It takes one click to view a comment, and then you can decide if you want to respond or if you want to mark it as viewed and move on. There are also spam filters you can use to ensure that you are only seeing the most important messages.
  • There are plenty of analytics options. You can use the program to get analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Facebook competitor, Instagram and a few other accounts. You can get customizable reports, and you can have them exported as PowerPoint or PDF files.
  • There are also ample options for URL shortening that do not cost an arm and a leg to use.
Good Alternative to Hootsuite 7


  • The main problem with Agorapulse that most users talk about is the limitations that exist on various social media sites. For instance, you may not be able to schedule an activity on a personal Facebook profile. You may not be able to do too many advanced things on Google+, beyond checking incoming messages and having the most basic ability to schedule posts. Other sites have more advanced analytics and usability features. If the site that you want to use the most does not have those features, you may want to find some other program.
  • LinkedIn and Google+ have very limited analytics. If you are relying heavily on the interactions that you get from one or both of these sites, then you may want to look for some other software. There is just nothing that you can do about this.
  • Bulk scheduling is not possible. For instance, if you have a CSV file of links and other details that you want to use to make bulk posts, you cannot use that with Agorapulse. You will have to do everything manually, which is time consuming if you have a ton of posts that you want to schedule.
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Good Alternative to Hootsuite 8

One of the most affordable social media management programs that can be used is SocialPilot. The beauty of this program is that it has a version available for just $10 per month. Those looking for alternative to Hootsuite suggestions should take a closer look.

For companies or individuals who are using social media regularly to boost their brand, paying $10 a month for an all-access social media management program does not seem like much of a commitment.


  • Integrating various social media accounts is very easy. Whether you have five or ten different social media accounts, you can use them all through SocialPilot. For a company or an individual who wants to ensure they have a presence on all these networks, it is vital to be able to use such a service. And it ensures that you are getting a good balance of posts on all accounts throughout the day.
  • There are custom apps that you can link with the SocialPilot program and use to add branding to Facebook updates. This is so useful for companies that want their page to stand out on Facebook, and of course it can be used by individuals who have their own online brand and presence.
  • There is a multiple feed URL option that can help to promote posts automatically, the moment they are published using the program.
  • It is possible to schedule posts on all the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • You can add team members into the same account so that more than one person can help to run the various social media accounts. Multiple people can be using the program at the same time as well. That means you can have one person on Facebook and Twitter, and another person on Instagram and LinkedIn. They can make posts, respond to comments and help customers simultaneously, easing the workload.
  • With SocialPilot, you can use a total of 200 social media profiles on one account, and you can use the program to make 1000 updates per day. The company that gets closest is Buffer, which offers 150 profiles, but also costs $400 a month to use.
Good Alternative to Hootsuite 9


  • Lack of tutorials is a major issue with SocialPilot. While you can go on their site and help pages and get plenty of documents that tell you how to use the program, there are no video tutorials. If you want a video demonstration of how to use the various features of the program, you will have to rely on the videos that are created by users.
  • Customer support is solid, but it is nothing spectacular. Most users who have tried different social media management programs will say that SocialPilot’s support is average at best. Other companies offer more support at the same or slightly higher price points.
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