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Publisher Rocket is the Best Alternative to KDSPY (Kindle Spy) and is in our opinion, the finest Kindle Keyword Software tool available in 2023. Check out the 30 day FREE Trial option and see for yourself.

KDSPY does however offer incredible value at around 70% of the cost of Publisher Rocket (formally known as KDP Rocket).

Publisher Rocket vs KDSPY

KDSPY (Kindle Spy)
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Profitable KW Data
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Read our detailed review to find out the strengths and weaknesses of both options.

Keeping up with demands in the field of writing can be a challenge. There are helpful platforms and software programs to assist writers improve their craft and continually integrate new developments and knowledge.

Kindle Keyword Software Tools

Kindle Research Software such as KDP Rocket (Publisher Rocket) and its predecessors (and competitors), Kindle Spy and Kindle Samurai, can be of immense help to writers. KDPR is also seen as a good alternative to KDSuite.com.

We occasionally offer discounts and coupons here so please check back regularly before making a purchase.

Publisher Rocket Free Trial

Each of these Kindle software programs help to identify the basic keywords and category definitions, but only Kindle Direct Publishing Rocket (KDPR) has the collective ability of its precedents with added features and more advanced existing features.

How to find the best Kindle Keywords

One of the most crucial parts of good internet writing is the proper use of the right keywords, within a certain keyword volume. How do you find the right keyword? This is something which can be a bit of a trick.

Most writers have their own style and, most likely, you do to. In terms of finding the right information, you get it done. However, if you have a software tool to immediately find the best keywords for targeted use in a matter of seconds, would you not think it worthy of trying?

Publisher Rocket FAQ

Is Publisher Rocket worth it?

Yes, absolutely, read our review thoroughly and see all the features that can propel your sales. If you are not happy, you can claim a refund so you really have nothing to lose

How do I update the Publisher Rocket Software?

When you open the software, you simply scroll to the bottom and take note of the version number. If there is a new version then simply download, delete the old files and install.

Is KDP Publisher Rocket hard to use?

No, it’s very intuitive and there are plenty of tutorials available.

How much does Publisher Rocket cost?

The current cost is $97 but keep in mind that there is a 30 day money back guarantee

Does Publisher Rocket produce results?

Find out for yourself. The 30 day trial will give you ample time to measure exactly what the software can offer you

Kindle Keyword Research

Keyword use is a standard through internet writing. There are defined rules regarding the limits of keyword usage for any given site. Normally, finding the most successful keywords is a huge amount of work and the keywords could change by the time you get it all figured out.

You probably already know how self-publishing e-books can be fairly difficult, though most writers have their own crafty methods of collecting viable and productive keywords. All of the data is on the internet and Kindle has become such a powerful publishing platform.

Writers stand a better chance of sales and brand-building with the proper KW use and SEO practices. It is largely a matter of getting noticed and staying noticed.

Kindle Publishing Benefits

You can use the older methods or save time with a good KW software strategy. Benefits include:

  • Easily search for the right keywords to use for the most effective results. See the ranks and the volume easily.
  • With data on other publishers and their publications, you can rest easy knowing that you are one in a few writing in the genre at a given time.
  • Find out what competitor’s books are, scan them well to analyze keywords and see if you have an idea to beat it.
  • See current changing category and niche trends and best-sellers with ease.

How Can Publisher Rocket Help Self-Publishing?

KDPR (Publisher Rocket) is all the rage as the best rocket software for online e-book publication. It is more than that, though. It is a fully comprehensive program to help you find the book categories and most popular subjects trending right now. It boasts a wide range of features including:

KDP Rocket Free Trial
  • A clear idea search field which leads to a full display of the results
  • See the average number of niche competitors and the average earnings on a monthly basis.
  • Amount of searches on Amazon and Google, which is ideal to have
  • Scoring for competition
  • AMS keyword search
  • Easier discovery of sub-niche categories
  • Full data for a given niche
  • Excellent niche finder
  • Kindlepreneur Calculator for sales estimate

It is considered a superb overall tool with capability in all categories. Updates will allow this software to expand and become more developed in the near future.

When you are using self publishing software under the Kindle wing, you need to draw as much as possible from Kindle tools in order to have the most success.

Publisher Rocket Free Trial

You can get a 30 day Publisher Rocket FREE trial to test it out before purchasing. The program was created by Dave Chesson.

It can also work as a temporary kdspy free alternative for thirty days if you need something short term having no further Kindle Spy free trial options..

Don’t forget to watch out for special Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers in November.

KDSPY Free Trial

You can currently avail of a kdspy free trial with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you want to check it out, there is no risk. The software was created by Wesley Atkins.

KDSPY Free Trial

Publisher Rocket Free Alternative

KDSPY is certainly an option worth considering as a Publisher/KDP Rocket Alternative particularly as it’s free to try.

Identifying potentially profitable categories rather than getting ideas from keywords is the driver of KD Spy.

KDP SPY & Finding Profitable Keywords

Right from the start, KDP Spy takes you into a categories page so you can compare one category to another in order to see which is more successful.

Publisher Rocket Alternative

To see what’s working well within categories, the KDP SPY ‘Word Cloud’ feature aggregates common words across profitable titles within a given category. As useful as this may sound, the end result is often just a list of obvious words that don’t help much with generating a new idea.

Publisher Rocket VS Kindle Spy

Publisher Rocket is a huge upgrade from KDSPY, in the sense that it has not only the same features as Spy but much more in the way of analysis.

According to some users, Kindle Keyword Spy makes it much easier to find niche markets than KDPR, but both have the ability to cull this data plus, KDPR has a new Category Hunter feature that newer users rave about (more on this later).

Kindle Top Seller Lists

KDPR lists the top sellers within the other existing comparison charts providing a total view of the niche and keyword positions. Within listings on Spy, best-sellers are simply identified with an orange label on search results.

Kindle Search Data from multiple Amazon Websites

With the latest version of KDSPY (v5), you can access search data from Amazon stores including USA, UK, Italy, Spain, India, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Mexico.

Publisher Rocket Alternative

If you simply can’t afford Publisher Rocket, then KDSPY is certainly a very worthwhile purchase at $69.

Publisher Rocket Free Alternative

Sign up for a 60 day KDSPY Free trial and see for yourself.


KDP SPY is a variation on the names of both KDP Rocket (Publisher Rocket) and Kindle Spy. This can lead to some confusion as there is also a browser extension that goes by this name.

Both Publisher Rocket and Kindle Spy are vastly superior products in our opinion which are constantly updated to serve customer needs.

Kindle Samurai

Samurai is the lowest in the ranks for keyword software in this category. It is slim version of all of them, at the lowest cost, and with the least features, particularly with keyword identification and demand data.

KD Spy easily surpasses Kindle Samurai. KDP Rocket, however, seems to stand above the rest with the most advanced, full capabilities of all. It boasts all features in one software tool.

KDSPY VS Kindle Samurai

KD Spy initially came out as a more advanced version of Kindle Samurai which is almost solely focused on keyword research.

Due to the light weight and highly limited features of Samurai, Spy became the best go-to option for Kindle self-publishing writers at the time.

KDSPY (Kindle Spy)
One Time Payment
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Chrome and Firefox Browser Plugin
Profitable KW Data
Competitor Breakdowns
Track Sales Trends
Reverse Engineer Best Sellers
Click Here for FREE 60 Day Trial

Publisher Rocket Review

Clearly the goal of any self-publishing tool is to help generate or refine your e-book idea so that it will be popular, will be read, and can lead up to the creation and sales of any further publications. It makes it easier to place your brand within a popular field so it will get noticed.

KDP Rocket 1.0 upgrades to Publisher Rocket 2.0

Google & Amazon Search Volume – KDP Keywords

A detailed feature in KDP Rocket allows you to see how often keywords are searched for on Google along with an estimate for Amazon Kindle Keyword searches.

So, in addition to getting the right keywords to begin with, Rocket allows you to see the keyword search rankings in real time.

KDSPY Alternative

For example, as you are doing an idea search, the idea page comes up with a list. First, you will be able to see the listing of ideas that match, then see the amount of competition you will have and the earnings these publications are making.

The number for estimated Amazon searches is unique to Rocket and gives it a clear advantage over KD Spy, Kindle Samurai and other Kindle self-publishing tools.

Analyze Tab

KDPR’s analyze tab allows you to get a clear analysis of all publication volumes. Comparison data is sought by most writers and also they require an understanding of how categories are ranking. With this, you can have:

  • Precise keyword analysis software data, showing what publishers and writers are presently involved with re: subjects within the niche markets you wish to write for
  • Finds and identifies publication volumes for comparison
  • Kindle Spy and Kindle Samurai do not offer this feature

The best aspect of the Analyze tab is the comparative profile it will provide so as to show you whether a particular book is worth writing or not. If the competition is too fierce, don’t bother.

Kindle Competitors Analysis

With regard to the competition, you will want to see everything you can about competitors. Besides the search volume and basic statistics, more is better in this case and, Publisher Rocket can definitely offer more.

KD SPY Alternative

Before going into any book venture you plan on self-publishing, please understand how hot and heavy the competition is.

If you have the experience, you understand that it’s critical to know where your competitors are falling in the charts, how old their publications area and possible available sub-niche placements.

Sub Niche Research

The sub-niche markets still have higher potential. When you do find those and they seem to work with the ideas you are fostering, look further with the competition searches tab to get a full picture. KDPR software makes it incredibly easy to do so.

You can see everything, absolutely everything about your competitors! Better still, it all shows up on the first page. Scroll as you see fit and then click on any you are interested in to see some real numbers.

If you want to know the number of reviews written for a book, you will find it with Rocket.

In addition, you will find the Amazon Best Seller Rankings and how old the book is, measured by days.

Kindle Category Finder

As mentioned, KDP Rocket has many similarities to KDP Spy. Spy was formerly the best way to find book categories which would be practical for writing within so publishers can make money. After all, this is the main idea and goal to accomplish for most of us.

Publisher Rocket Free

Kindle Category Hunter

Publisher Rocket has added a new and exciting feature known as “category hunter” which gives it even more of an edge over KDP Spy.

What it does is very much like it reads. It helps you to hunt down the ideal Kindle categories for maximum publishing potential, leaving more time to research and write the content well.

The orange, bright flashing colors show up again to identify the best-sellers. The displaying of these categories will also provide ideas for brand new categories in which to publish more selling material.

Publisher Rocket UK

In September 2020, a much sought after update was added to Publisher Rocket. This was the inclusion of the UK market meaning UK specific categories including all the usual top notch analytical options to dig right down into that precious data and unlock great opportunities.

New Features added Regularly

There are many other interesting features to the KDPR software. Naturally, you will need to purchase the software and use it for it to be effective. It is still a good idea to leave your Kindle tab open while working, as it will help in the long run.

KDSPY Free Alternative – Publisher Rocket Trial for 30 Days

Sign up today and you can avail of a Publisher Rocket free trial for 30 days. Remember it’s absolutely gratis with a money-back guarantee.

You won’t find any torrent downloads or cracked versions of this software that are safe, reliable and up to date.

Try KDP Rocket free it for a month and see why it offers so much value at $97. As you can tell from all of the above, it’s certainly a very worthy KDSPY alternative.

Cons to Publisher Rocket

First, even though KDPR does a great job of displaying all categories, this display is mixed up with other Kindle book titles and physical books.

This can be confusing to weed through. Perhaps they were moving too fast to develop a more friendly user interface for this feature.

Ratings from other e-book companies

One thing that would be good for an add-on is the capability to view the ratings for paper-published books, publishing from other e-book companies, as well as Kindle statistics for their titles.

You already understand that Kindle is your platform, as you want to be a self-publishing writer for Kindle.

This all makes sense, but KDP Rocket definitely takes a slide by not providing such information at this time, at least not in a manner that is easy to read and identify as you are building your project from the ground up.

Full Reviews

Second, with previous versions of Rocket, the software actually gave you the ability to see the whole, actual reviews for publications on Amazon. This was useful because, often, a writer needs to read reviews for reasons of both writing and editing.

The present version no longer offers such a feature. It does still list the number of reviews, just not the specific reviews themselves. On the prior version, all you had to do was click on the publication for a full review.

How Can Publisher Rocket Work for Me?

If you are a writer, particularly for writing top-notch articles from scratch or e-books, there is no way this product could not be useful to you. This is, of course, if you plan on publishing through Amazon.

If you have used or still use KD Spy, Kindle Samurai and/ or other Kindle software, it is important to at least try KDP Rocket and see if it serves your needs. It will make keyword discovery and generation so much easier.

Publisher Rocket Free

Notice all the features to your advantage. In the event that you are learning about content and article writing, you will also find this software well worth the purchase.

You can always try out some other software programs aimed to different publishers if you decide that you dislike KDPR. However, considering that Amazon is becoming the market leader for all e-book publishing, it will probably be best to work with Rocket and publish with Kindle.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Rocket Publishing

KDP Rocket summarizes and collects pertinent data for the writing and marketing of published materials. Moreover, it provides all the marketing statistics needed to pursue the proper categories which can lead to significant profits. Grab your Publisher Rocker free download today and use the 30 day trial period to evaluate the software for yourself.

Realize your full Writing Potential

KDP Rocket makes the process of maximizing your writing potential faster and more profitable.

So what are you waiting for? Start discovering profitable book ideas and niches, rank easily and soar to the top of Amazon’s best seller lists.

KDSPY (Kindle Spy)
One Time Payment
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Chrome and Firefox Browser Plugin
Profitable KW Data
Competitor Breakdowns
Track Sales Trends
Reverse Engineer Best Sellers
Click Here for FREE 60 Day Trial