Have you arrived at this page looking for a KDP Spy free trial? well, you have come to the right place however the product you are looking for is actually called KDSPY (Kindle Spy) or Publisher Rocket.

The confusion is related to KDSPY’s main competitor Publisher Rocket which previously went under the name KDP Rocket.

So as you can see KDP got somehow mixed up with spy. You are most likely in fact looking for Kindle Spy or perhaps Publisher Rocket.

You can quickly compare both options by scanning the table below.

Publisher Rocket (KDP Rocket)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
PC & Mac Compliant
Detailed Keyword Analysis with Amazon and Google
In-Depth Competitor Analysis
Intuitive Design
Regularly Updated
Multiple Category Finder
Sub Niche Digger
KDSPY (Kindle Spy)
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Chrome and Firefox Browser Plugin
Profitable KW Data
Competitor Breakdowns
Track Sales Trends
Reverse Engineer Best Sellers

For a more much detailed review, please check out our KDP Publisher Rocket vs KDSPY article.

Publisher Rocket Review

As mentioned you can read a full KDP Rocket review by clicking the link above. The video below also gives a brief overview of how the KW tool works. You can obtain a Publisher Rocket free trial for 30 days.

KDP Spy FREE Alternative

With so many similar sounding names, it’s quite easy to get confused. You may actually have used Kindle Spy in the past and no longer have the option of a free trial. It’s certainly these days much more widely known as KDSPY.

If so, perhaps Publisher Rocket is a worthy Kindle Spy Free alternative. Use every one of those thirty days to carefully evaluate exactly what the software can do and whether it’s a good fit for you and your writing.

It may help you to reach audiences you had only previously dreamed of. That best seller list doesn’t have to be just a pipe dream.

The software won’t be a perfect fit for everybody but you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Publisher Rocket (KDP Rocket)

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