Good Alternative to MailChimp

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Excellent Landing Page Editor
User-Subscription Management
Great Support
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Newsletter Creation Features
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Top Features:
Good Pricing Structure
Great Autoresponder Options
Detailed Analytics
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Importing Data Options
Varied Templates
Low Cost
Free Option as well as Monthly Plans
Top Features:
Excellent Email Sequence Blueprints
Resending Options for Those Who Do Not Open
Ability to Preview Email as Subscriber.

Email marketing software exists so that businesses can have an easier time creating and managing email marketing campaigns. The software can be used for many purposes including building out an email list, sending bulk emails, adjusting lists and segmenting them to better target your audience.

The best email marketing software is not just great for sending basic emails to a long list of people but gives users the creativity and flexibility to personalize and send targeted messages in order to retain and expand a company’s base of loyal customers.

Many small businesses have a choice between paying someone to run their email marketing campaigns, or trying to do it on their own. While most would say that you can achieve better results by putting an expert on the job, the finances do not always make sense.

A small business that just opened may not have the money to spend on an email marketer. Instead, they can pay a small price for quality software, which is easy to learn and use. It allows them to do all the things that an expert would, but in a way that is easy even for a “lay person” to understand. Always keep updated with current email marketing regulations and also visit the FTC website.

Problems with MailChimp

While many people see MailChimp as the most popular and commonly used email marketing software, it does not mean it is the only option plus it does not mean that it will be the best option for you. You may wish to consider some good MailChimp alternatives for 2018.

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Some marketers who have used MailChimp complain about how the product is far too unique. There is something different about the way that it’s organized and created, which means skills learned to effectively use the program are not particularly portable to other email software products.

Users post regularly about issues such as campaigns not sending, image upload not working, syntax errors, subscribers not showing and trouble importing templates.

Upon our company launching an ebook last year (marketed using the KDSPY Free version), we required things to run quickly and without issue however the template we used threw up errors. This delayed things and caused us some considerable headaches before the problems were eventually ironed out.

For some, it is so unique, you may hold back on migrating to a newer email application with more desirable features simply because of the downtime and costs associated with retraining and implementing an entirely new system. In the competitive world of online business, being able to take advantage of new software is obviously a key factor in success.

Those who have only used MailChimp probably have never heard such a complaint as they assume it works the same as other software. However, the way it is structured is so that those processes do not translate over when someone is changing up to another email marketing program.

Changing the default settings for email lists and formatting is not easy on MailChimp. If you are only looking for the very basics from an email marketing software product, you may not care too much but if you are hoping to adjust the metrics on some of your lists, or the formatting, or the lists themselves you will find that changing the defaults is buried deep within random workflows and areas of the program. While they can be changed eventually, it does take a bit of time and can be quite frustrating.

Constant updates can be a good thing in a product so long as those updates are focused on tweaks and improving security. However, it seems as though MailChimp reorganizes the way basic things are done within the program every few weeks, which can be very frustrating for users who have just gotten used to how the program works. Someone who only uses the program occasionally will not want to spend all their time learning about changes before they can get to work.

Good Alternatives to MailChimp


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One of the best alternatives to MailChimp is the ConvertKit software, which some users claim is better in a few key ways. It is a new player in the email marketing world, designed with a main goal of helping bloggers grow their websites while also being very useful for podcasters, YouTubers and other types of content creators. Those who have an online presence and want to boost that presence, or better connect with their audience, can do that with ConvertKit.

The main issue that people seem to have with it is the $29 base price, which is a bit different from other email marketing programs that offer at least one free tier. Keep an eye out for cheap deals in 2018 especially around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The impressive amount of features that people are getting with ConvertKit means that the small price tag is something that should not represent a problem. Those who have 1000 or fewer subscribers to their email list can easily use the $29 a month tier and get a ton of flexibility and features for that money.


Landing Page Editor

With the landing page editor, it is very easy to create simple landing pages even if you do not have a website of your own. When you are running social media campaigns or sending mass emails with some link to a web page, having a landing page that is professional and enticing helps a lot. ConvertKit makes it so that even if you have no prior experience with websites you can create a great landing page for your campaign.

User-Subscription Management

When you have multiple workflows where you are targeting different markets or demographics, you can easily add and remove people from those lists. The process is a little bit more complicated on some other programs which can frustrate users who just want to get the process done quickly. With ConvertKit, it is very easy.


People rave about their experiences with the company’s support team. They are so happy that they are able to get a high level of support from the company when they have issues with the product. Even if you are experiencing the smallest of issues, or you are just not sure how some feature works, you can talk with someone at support and they will guide you through the process of getting things working again.

Ease of Use

ConvertKit is seen as a top player in the email marketing world because the program is so simple to use. The features are easy to understand, the interface is a breeze to navigate and the backend makes a lot of sense. There will be occasions when you have to tweak the HTML code, if for instance you want to add more registration form fields but there are plenty of online guides on how to do that, or you can just contact support and they will help you out.

Newsletter Creation Features

While the editor for the newsletter creation portion of the program is a little bit basic, it does have plenty of features and is very easy to use. It’s no problem for users to adjust the text, bulleted lists, ordered lists, lines, images and other settings so they can come up with a newsletter that is precisely the way they want. The one downside is that an option to add gifs or videos doesn’t seem to be available, which is a bummer. Those who want more interactive newsletters may want to look elsewhere.

Those who know coding will have no issues using if/then/else logic to personalize the newsletter templates and other elements. However, those who do not have that knowledge are usually stuck with the presets that are available.


Email Automation and List Management

The email automation features are great, because it is possible to create different responses based on what events users trigger. For instance, if a user subscribes on a form, clicks on a link or adds an item to their cart, it is possible to create actions that allow for automatic responses to the user or some other action.

The problem is that creating these workflows does take time and it is not very easy. You will have to spend some time figuring out how the program works.
When it comes to list management, the tagging system is fantastic and such an easy way to add or remove users from campaigns and email lists but be careful about overusing this feature. Managing all the tags can become problematic. Overall though, they are very useful for segmenting large lists.

Simple Registration Forms

The forms provided by ConvertKit are bit too basic. There are only three options available and you do not have any other choices. The designs are very basic and adding fields to existing forms is quite complicated. You will need to know HTML to get it done. The good news is that the forms are integrated with WordPress if needed, and they are available in Javascript too.

Lack of Analysis Options

The analysis features are just not the best. There are the basics, such as accessing open rates, unsubscribes and clicks but there are no heatmap features, conversion tracking features, social media reports or Google Analytics integration options.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, ConvertKit is a very good program that is great for beginners who want to figure out how to use email marketing to further their website, blog or content creation career but it is missing some features that we hope will be added in the future.

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Another good alternative to MailChimp is GetResponse. It is an email marketing app that allows people to import and host mailing lists, capture data into those mailing lists, create e-newsletters and send them to those subscribers. You can automate emails so that subscribers get them at a set time or when certain actions are completed. The software also allows for analysis related to email marketing campaigns.

According to many of its users, the great thing about this email marketing software program is that the program is always adding more features transforming it into an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to engage in online or email marketing. There are even features associated with webinar hosting, creating landing pages, customer relationship management and more. While these features are entirely optional, it does mean that customers who are using the email marketing feature can use these other features if they like.


Pricing Structure

One of the great things about GetResponse is that it has a very fair pricing structure that even the smallest of business owners or content creators can afford. If someone has up to 1000 subscribers they can use the $15 email package, the $49 pro package, or the $165 max package. The price continues to go up based on the number of subscribers, with the biggest package for those who have between 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers on the list.

The email package will include all the basic features that anyone would expect in the email marketing program. The pro and max plans include some of those added features we talked about, such as CRM and creating webinars and landing pages.


A big plus of GetResponse is how much flexibility the program offers with regard to autoresponders. The great thing about autoresponders is that you can send emails or newsletters, or automated responses at set times or you can send them when certain events are triggered by the user. For instance, if someone opens the newsletter, clicks on the banner ad on the newsletter, subscribes to a list, adds something to their cart, completes a transaction or has a birthday, they can be sent the automated email that you chose, at the interval that you wanted.


The sheer volume of analytics options from GetResponse is very impressive. There are so many great options for those who want to assess how their marketing campaigns are doing. For example, you can check the open rate, click through rate, unsubscribe rates, metrics over time, one-click segmentation (identifying those who do not engage with the newsletter) and return on investment for your emails. You can even see specific details on each user such as their location, how often they open emails and any past transactions with your site/company.


E-Newsletter Templates

A major negative associated with GetResponse is the limited nature of the newsletter templates. They are very dated and they do not look as though they could be sent to people in 2018. The good thing is that it is easy to change the layouts and make other tweaks, even if you do not have a huge amount of HTML knowledge. You can even add templates of your own or those that came from other sources.

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Good Alternative to MailChimp 4

AWeber is an increasingly popular solution for those who want an email marketing program that will give them basic features and a great layout that is easy to use. It is particularly popular with those looking for a good alternative to MailChimp. It is excellent for designing and sending out HTML e-newsletters to lists of subscribers. Here are some of the pros and cons that are associated with AWeber, and a highlight of why they are such a big name in this industry.



AWeber is a very affordable program for those who have a small list of subscribers. If you have up to 500 subscribers, you can use it for $19 a month, and you get all the features of the program. If you have between 500 to 2500 subscribers, the cost goes up to $29 a month and then three more tiers exist until we get to 25,000 subscribers. Those who have more will need to call the company directly to get a quote. They also occasionally offer coupon codes so it is worth comparing deals. 30 day free trials are also available as special offers.

Another neat feature is how there are discounts for paying quarterly and annually. There are discounts available for students and non-profits, but the designation must be proved.

Importing Data

AWeber makes importing data very easy. If you have an existing list of subscribers that you have been using, or have a list that you crafted using different software, you can easily import it. What you will have to do is get it into a format that is supported, such as XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV or TXT, and then you can import away. It is also possible to add subscribers manually, if that is what you would prefer. But those with large lists are encouraged to start by importing their main list. Subscribers can be tagged to autoresponders and other templates, which ensures that segmenting a big list of subscribers is not a challenge.


This is where AWeber shines above the competition. Customers who have a monthly plan are able to use more than 700 templates with more being added all the time. And the great thing about these templates is that none of them feel dated or antiquated. While you can tweak the templates, most of them are fantastic out of the box which is very refreshing.

Even if you do not like something among the 700+ that are available, you can import or code your own that you can use. It will take a bit more time, but then you will have a template that you are 100 percent comfortable with using

Marketing Automation

While there are some basic features in this area, such as applying tags, sending automated emails and engaging in actions on subscribers when they do something, the options are a bit limited. There are other programs that have a lot more features and flexibility with respect to how marketing automation works. The suggestion here is for users to check out the features and options that are available with AWeber. If you find those are enough, then you will not have any other issues with the software. If you want more, then you may want to find another program.

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Good Alternative to MailChimp 5

Drip is another new name in the world of email marketing software, but it is already starting to get a sizeable following. Why? Because it is a very simple program that is easy to use, includes a ton of features, and even has a free tier and demo that customers can use to get oriented with how the program works.  Many people moving on from old reliables like Mailchimp find Drip to be a good alternative.


Email Sequence Blueprints

One of the neat features that is included within Drip is the ability to create email sequence blueprints. There are eleven different blueprints that you can check out when you are creating an email sequence, and you can use the one that best fits what you are seeking from the sequence. All you have to do is choose a blueprint, click the install button, and the email sequence is done. Then you can adjust the email content and you are all set.

Resending to Those Who Do Not Open

Whenever you send an email, you are bound to get a large chunk of people who will not even open it. Whether these people do not want your emails anymore, do not have the time to open the email, or just forget, they will ignore or delete the email and move on. What you can do with Drip is send an email after three or four days to those people to see if they will open it again. Essentially, it is like a reminder of the newsletter that you sent them the first time.

Sure, it possible that getting a reminder email will annoy some but those are people who are probably not going to engage with these emails and they will ask to be taken off your list. This feature will help you get more engagement out of those who are interested in what you are offering but can be forgetful about opening the email when they get it the first time.

Preview Email as Subscribers

If you have different types or versions of an email that you are sending out to your different sub-lists, then you may want to see how the email is going to look for them. Many may view this as a small feature but drip is one of the few providers that offer it. You can now see the email exactly as those people would see it. The feature allows you to check out how your content looks when it arrives in the email inbox of your different subscribers.


No Date Timer

One of the major negatives that many have noticed with Drip is that it does not have a date timer for automated emails. That means if there are any live events or sales that you have upcoming and you want automated emails going out at specific times, you are unable to send them. It is a big feature to leave out and we hope they will add it soon!

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